Bohey Dulang Island is a mountainous island formed by the remnants of an ancient volcano.

It is separated from Bodgaya, the biggest island in Tun Sakaran Marine Park, by a shallow channel.

The crater forming the island is now flooded with seawater creating a large, majestic lagoon 25m deep.

The southern side of the lagoon is open but just below the aqua-coloured waters’ surface is a long stretch of coral reef which represents the southern crater rim.

Bohey Dulang is best known for the breathtaking views at the top of its peak, bird watching and the Giant Clams and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery.

Bohey Dulang Island is also known for its population of Sea Gypsies, which are some of the most photographed around the marine park.

It is possible to walk round the island at low tide by following the narrow fringe of beach and mangrove, although in places this involves scrambling over rocks or through vegetation.